For pure fun, watch Jayson Tatum take on Chris Paul and Bradley Beal 1-on-1

Skills coach Drew Hanlen is well-known for his off-season work with NBA stars, present and future. He teaches the skills and puts them to the test against the League's best. Watch Jayson Tatum work against CP3 and Beal one-on-one - and be glad he is not being tutored by Kobe Bryant (as he has in the past). I found the video entertaining while waiting many more weeks for the season to begin.

And one other point. Jayson has indicated that he has put on roughly seven pounds of muscle in the off-season, bringing him from 203 pounds to 210. Don't fooled by the photo in the tweet. The increased muscle weight is not apparent, but it is there. He is as ripped as you ever want to see, even in a high-level athlete. He looks great and could be in for a breakout season.

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