Playing two days after his dad's suicide, Tremont Waters was pillar of strength

This is a tale of strength in the face of tragedy, and it tells much about the character of Celtics Rookie, Tremont Waters. Two days after the tragic suicide of Tremont's dad, Ed Waters, this tough young man was on the court for the quarter-finals game versus the Memphis Grizzlies. The game was a loss for Boston, which in the scheme of things, didn't matter. Waters played a team high 32 minutes and took plus/minus honors with a team-high +7.

Yes, this kid is strong - just what Danny Ainge looks for when drafting. The message on Tremont's shoes read "July 11, 2019. EBW II. Team Waters." Waters Way." When I saw Waters went 1-of-10 from beyond the arc last night, I wondered if his thoughts of his dad's last moments on earth prior to pulling the trigger that ended his life were on his mind as he released each attempt. Damn it, I hate writing stories of such tragedy, but when I see this kind of strength in the face of tremendous adversity, it needs to be done.

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Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty Images


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