ESPN's proposed Team USA starting lineup - NO Celtics

Did no one from ESPN watch the USA Basketball intrasquad scrimmage last week? Did they not at least read that the two stars of that game were Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum? Well, ESPN has released one possible starting lineup of De'Aaron Fox, Donovan Mitchell, Kris Middleton, P.J. Tucker and Brook Lopez. There is not one Celtic to be seen.

Realizing ESPN just put this out as one possibility, but this is a travesty. I am not alone. Kemba's veteran leadership and Jayson's skills need to be in that starting-5. Did I mention I am not alone?

Nice one, Chadwick. And as a Celtics homer, I am far from ruling out Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown in the rotations. I can only attribute ESPN's proposal as the result of too-long-a-night of celebration of some form. Hopefully, their next lineup idea might be more lucid.

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