Jaylen Brown roasts Jayson Tatum for peddling Abercrombie fragrance - shirtless

Within any group, making fun of your team members is the ultimate barometer of a pleasant coexistence. We saw this in a post-game press conference where Jaylen Brown made his "I'm sick of you" whisper to Kyrie Irving. It was hilarious.

Things may have gone downhill after that, but that roasting-humor is back, this time with Jaylen Brown roasting teammate, and fellow Jay Team member, Jayson Tatum, for peddling Abercrombie fragrance - shirtless.

Jaylen was not the only culprit in Jayson's roast. Ex-Celtics Shane Larkin and current-teammate, Tremont Waters joined in (per NBC Sports' Darren Hartwell):

"Awww nahhh bro 🤦🏾‍♂️," Brown wrote in the comment section, before adding another jab for good measure:

"They got you out here wit the bird chest 😂"

Celtics rookie Tremont Waters piled on, responding with no fewer than eight "crying laughing" emojis.

The heat on Tatum didn't stop in Boston, though. Ex-teammate Shane Larkin also chimed in:

"My boy fierce out here ... 😐..."
Great to see this type of humor has re-emerged in Boston. It is a nice sign for the coming season.

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