Start the NBA season with this exquisite Carsen Edwards "Hungry Thighs" video - I really mean it!

Carsen Edwards thigh mania has taken on a life of its own. It may have started with my tweet about Carsen being the "Quad God", or "Quad Lord" if that suits you, of the NBA. I have been a Personal trainer for 26 years and never saw such controlled muscle mass and definition.

The next day, here comes the "Thigh Hard" parody - obviously a takeoff of the Bruce Willis flick, Die Hard. Quad mania was off and running.

Now comes an exquisite "Hungry Thighs" video by Danielle Hobeika. We remember the Eric Carmen tune from the movie, Dirty Dancing, and the video is a matching of four of my favorites - Eric Carmen - the song - the movie - and Carsen Edwards. You really need to see and hear this.

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