The Celtics and the 76ers – What you need to know!

There are many Celtics blog writers out there competing for your “clicks”.  I am just one of them.  So as we kick off the season tonight with a Celtics vs 76ers matchup that could very well be a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals, I want you to get my best shot of Green Team information so that you are ready to fully enjoy the game when you turn it on.  Here’s what you need to know - short and sweet: 

The 76ers are a loser organization.  There are tons of examples but one of the best is this:

That was awesomely embarrassing for 76er fans.  But want to know what I think is even worse?

Look at how they celebrate a made 3 pointer. By a man who they gave a 5 year, $170 million extension to.  Just embarrassing.  One - that it was his first made 3 in the NBA.  But two - that the fans and TEAMMATES celebrated this way.  That is not a team that wants to win.  That is a team that wants to just play and have fun.

And Al Horford chose to go there. #sad.  Let's see if you have fun tonight Al!


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