Prelude: Why I love Marcus Smart and the Boston Celtics

This is the short version - because my family is absolutely tired. I promise the full version tomorrow morning, but there is still much more to the story. If you have watched the Boston or New Hampshire news, you have seen what started as my very simple plea for a single card to be sent to a grieving 7-year-old. It has truly gone viral. Channel 7, WMUR, Fox News and possibly channel 4 covered it. I put out a simple request to the Celtics Carson Edwards for one card to be sent to my great grandson, Carson Thomas Lane. His mom, my grand daughter, died one week ago from Cystic Fibrosis. The flood of gifts and well-wishes went into the thousands from all over the planet. Marcus Smart was the first to respond - no surprise there - love the man - as my readers know. Isaiah Thomas had already stepped up a while back, and rookie Carsen Edwards followed suit. The tears from my daughter, Lisa, and my great grandson, Carson, are all too real. So is the whole story. Watch for it tomorrow.

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