Celtics "Stop Sign", Enes Kanter, scheduled for drug test following block party

The NBA apparently didn't totally believe Enes Kanter's personal-best six blocks versus the Charlotte Hornets on New Years Eve was merely a spontaneous defensive outburst from a player not likely to be compared to block artist, Bill Russell, anytime soon. Boston's backup center appears to be scheduled for a drug test.

Enes has never averaged more than 0.5 blocks per game in his entire career, so the 6-block explosion caught the attention of the League - and thus the scheduled drug test. This has to be somewhat upsetting for Kanter, realizing his 13 points, 14 rebounds and six blocks in the 109-92 Celtics victory generated at least a slight suspicion that his energized play may have been generated by a banned substance. Stay tuned for the results of the drug test.

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