Danny Ainge math: Smart's dime worth more than Brown's dunk

In Boston's win over the Lakers, I was in awe of Marcus Smart's behind-the-back bounce pass to Enes Kanter for two points. Not so much for Jaylen Brown's dunk over Lebron James. Apparently, Danny Ainge agrees. It's simple math. Brown got a technical for his hanging-on-the-rim, taunting antics - the result being it was a one-point play. In the first video, Ainge displays absolutely no excitement over Jaylen's jam.

In previous seasons, it would have been Marcus that picked up the technical for a variety of infractions, but not this time. There was no taunting after the on-the-money assist - only quiet celebration. When dunking over The King becomes a rite of passage, I lose some of my interest and love for the game. But the interchange between Marcus and Danny was hilarious. It brought the fun back!

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