Aaron Nesmith was my sole projection for Celtics at #14 - Danny Ainge agreed

While mock drafts were appearing all over the NBA landscape, back on October 8,  I proposed only one player for the Boston Celtics to take at #14 in the first round. That player was Vanderbilt sharp-shooter Aaron Nesmith. This is what I had to say about the 6'6", 215-pound wing:

Nesmith may just be a player that can step right into the Boston lineup coming off the bench for 10-12 minutes per game. He just reeks "instant offense". The only question may be whether he will still be available when Danny Ainge gets to pick at #14 in the first round of the 2020 draft. 

 Well, it appears that Danny Ainge and Brad Stevens agree with me on a couple of points One of which is Stevens truly wants lineups in the 6'4" - 6'9" range.

And Lesson #2: I wrote on October 10 that the Celtics learned some graphic lessons from the Miami Heat in this year's playoffs. Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson never stop moving on offense, and Boston needs that type of guy. I wrote:

Lesson #2: Boston needs to pick up a never-stop-moving shooter for the upcoming season.

Aaron Nesmith fits with regards to both of my arguments. Look for more later today. 


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